Feedback that Moves Writers Forward

Based on the work of Patty McGee.

Available Formats:
  • 30 Hours
  • 45 Hours


Move from teaching writing to shaping writers by providing feedback that inspires your students to reach new heights. In this course, you will learn how what you say impacts your students’ writing process and how to leverage that to help them discover their true writing identity. Eliminate the red pen and start developing stronger, more confident writers.


This course will prepare you to:

  • Move beyond making corrections and deliver customized, just-in-time feedback with just the right wording during planning, drafting, revising, and editing stages to help students eagerly take responsibility for refining their own writing.
  • Apply the research on growth mindset and goal setting, whether you use a writing program or a workshop model, to draw students into writing with passion and engagement.
  • Discover how tone, trust, and language can accelerate the discovery of your students’ writing identities and enable them to take risks when they are stuck.
  • Empower writers to reflect and apply what they learn about content, craft, and style to their future writing.

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Course Modules Include:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Effective Writing Feedback
  • Module 2: Balancing Grading and Feedback
  • Module 3: Feedback Fundamentals Part I
  • Module 4: Feedback Fundamentals Part II
  • Module 5: Helping Writers Develop Ideas and Take Risks
  • Module 6: Feedback for Goal Setting – Part I
  • Module 7: Feedback for Goal Setting – Part II
  • Module 8: Feedback That Helps Student Writers Make Choices – Part I
  • Module 9: Feedback That Helps Student Writers Make Choices – Part II
  • Module 10: Reflecting for Learning – Part I
  • Module 11: Reflecting for Learning – Part II
  • Capstone Project

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