Formative Assessment Strategies for Mathematics Success

Based on the work of Francis “Skip” Fennell, Beth McCord Kobett, Jonathan A. Wray

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  • 30 Hours


Assessing where your students stand isn’t an “add-on” to a successful mathematics teaching routine, it’s an absolutely essential component of how you plan, execute and adapt your teaching methods.

In this course, you’ll gain the expertise you need to make formative assessment an integral part of your daily teaching and your students’ long-term success.

Discover the five most effective, classroom-tested assessment techniques: Observations, Interviews, “Show Me,” Hinge Questions, and Exit Tasks. Explore how to seamlessly combine assessment techniques, allowing you to enhance the benefits of each. See exactly how formative assessment works in the classroom, through videos offering a valuable perspective on how the “formative five” can transform the way you teach. Get hands-on with the included planning exercises that give you practical experience you’ll apply directly in your classroom.


By the end of this course you will be able to understand issues and opportunities related to assessment, in general, differences between the intent of summative and formative assessment, with a particular focus on formative assessment and discuss school wide and classroom-based use of formative assessment. You will be also able to plan for, use, and reflect on each of the following classroom-based formative assessment techniques:

  • Observations
  • Interviews
  • Show Me
  • Hinge Questions
  • Exit Tasks

Finally, you will analyze particular tools designed to assist in implementing each of The Formative 5 techniques and adapt or use them within classroom settings.

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Course Modules Include:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: The Formative 5
  • Module 2: Observations
  • Module 3: Interviews
  • Module 4: Show Me
  • Module 5: Integrating Observations, Interviews, and Show Me
  • Module 6: Hinge Questions
  • Module 7: Exit Tasks
  • Module 8: Integrating Hinge Questions and Exit Tasks
  • Capstone

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