Rigorous Reading

Based on the work of Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher.

Available Formats:
  • 30 Hours
  • 45 Hours


Support your students to reach their full potential by applying the practical insights you will learn in this course and improve your instruction to energize your students’ reading and understanding of complex texts. This course introduces a research-based approach that will help you raise the bar in reading for students of any age.


In this course, you will learn how to use “The 5 Access Points Toward Proficiency” model to:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking by thinking aloud and showing how excellent readers always know the purpose behind the reading.
  • Engage students in repeated readings and discussions, with text-dependent questions, prompts, and cues to help students delve into an author’s ideas.
  • Orchestrate collaborative learning to get students in the habit of exercising their analytical thinking with their peers.
  • Steer students to more challenging books, with strategic bursts of instruction and peer conferences to foster metacognitive awareness.
  • Give feedback and assessments that enable students to understand texts in authentic ways and allow you to plan instruction based on student understanding.

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Course Modules Include:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Giving Students Access to Complex Text
  • Module 2: Access Point One: Modeling How Expert Readers Read
  • Module 3: Access Point Two: Teaching Close Reading: Six Essential Practices
  • Module 4: Access Point Two: Spotlight on Text-Dependent Questions
  • Module 5: Access Point Two: Using Scaffolded Reading Instruction
  • Module 6: Access Point Three: Helping Students Engage in Collaborative Conversation
  • Module 7: Access Point 3: Making Approaches to Collaborative Reading Work in the Classroom
  • Module 8: Access Point 4: Making Room for Independent Reading
  • Module 9: Access Point 4: Generating Student Responses to Independent Reading
  • Module 10: Access Point 5: Asking Students to Demonstrate Understanding
  • Module 11: Access Point 5: Assessing, Planning, and Offering Feedback
  • Capstone Project

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