Student-Centered Coaching

Based on the work of Diane Sweeney and Leanna Harris.

Available Formats:
  • 30 Hours
  • 45 Hours


Discover how to structure your coaching practice to improve teacher capacity while growing student achievement. This course teaches you how to collaborate with teachers to design instruction that targets improved student outcomes. Learn directly from experienced coaches who have mastered this approach and start your journey by charting a personalized action plan that you can implement in your sessions.


This course prepares you to:


  • Develop a student-centered, standards-based action plan incorporating the seven core practices for achieving results in the classroom.
  • Determine methods to launch effective coaching cycles that best fit you and align with your coaching beliefs.
  • Focus your coaching practice on ensuring learning targets and assessments connect to student achievement.
  • Explore teacher/coach collaborations and practice strategies for co-planning, co-teaching, and strengths-based feedback across coaching conversations.
  • Learn to effectively partner with school leadership at all levels to build collaborative relationships and trust.


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Course Modules Include:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: The Student-Centered Coaching Model
  • Module 2: Partnering With School Leadership
  • Module 3: Student-Centered Coaching Cycles
  • Module 4: Launching the Partnership
  • Module 5: Setting Goals for Coaching Cycles
  • Module 6: Using Learning Targets
  • Module 7: Micro-Modeling
  • Module 8: Noticing and Naming
  • Module 9: Thinking Aloud
  • Module 10: Providing Strengths-Based Feedback
  • Module 11: Measuring Impact and Documenting Our Work
  • Capstone Project

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