Language Power: Adopting Academic Language Use as a Tool for Teaching and Learning

Based on the work of Margo Gottlieb

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  • 30 Hours


No matter who your students are, no matter which discipline you teach, the research reads the same:  school achievement depends upon effective communication. The purpose of this course is to help you build an understanding of key uses of academic language, and to provide you with rich classroom-based planning, instructional, and assessment strategies for promoting academic language use with all students, with special attention to multilingual learners who are English language learners. You’ll hear from world-renowned educator Margo Gottlieb and see her recommended best-practices in action with video from real classrooms.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the importance of academic language use and its relation to student achievement for all learners;
  • Explain how to utilize the DARE conceptual tool to facilitate the organization of language and content learning;
  • Embed academic language use into curriculum, instruction, and assessment;
  • Recount examples of language use for academic purposes in multiple disciplines; and
  • Argue for the importance of academic language use as a tool for student empowerment.

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Course modules include:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Language in the 21st Century Classroom
  • Module 2: The Power of Academic Language Use
  • Module 3: DARE: Key Uses of Academic Language
  • Module 4: DARE: Key Uses of Academic Language in Content (and Language) Standards
  • Module 5: Integrating Language Use in Curriculum Design
  • Module 6: Using Scaffolding and Metalinguistic Strategies to Support Student Ownership of
  • Module 7: Planning for Assessment
  • Module 8: Content Area Assessment Through an Academic Language Lens
  • Module 9: Promoting Equity through Participation and Agency
  • Module 10: Students as Stakeholders: Creating Independent Learners
  • Module 11: Encouraging Stakeholders to Take the DARE
  • Capstone Project

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