Classroom Management: Positive Environment

Based on the work of Serena Pariser

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A learner’s surroundings and conditions can set them up for success or create barriers. The purpose of this 15-hour course is to help you build a classroom environment that supports students’ growth academically and emotionally. Through authentic classroom video and practical advice from Serena Pariser’s Real Talk About Classroom Management, you will develop strategies for creating a positive environment for your students. Issues of classroom management will diminish as you follow a few simple tips for mixing up routines, giving students a voice, and showing students you care.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify strategies that lead to a positive classroom environment
  • Create an engagement plan that integrates students’ power and voice
  • Integrate student perspective into new learning via professional reading and student survey
  • Reflect upon personal strengths and weaknesses in order to work towards creating a positive learning environment in the classroom


Course Modules Include:

  • Module 1: Power and Voice
  • Module 2: Show You Care
  • Module 3: Strive for Excellence
  • Capstone Project

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