Classroom Management: Professional Collaboration

Based on the work of Serena Pariser

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Schools are communities, as such professional collaboration is crucial to a teacher’s success. In this 15-hour course you will gain practical advice from Serena Pariser’s Real Talk About Classroom Management. You’ll see and hear real teachers as they offer strategies to form positive, low maintenance relationships with parents and offer up ways to work collaboratively with colleagues, whether you are working together in a coteaching arrangement, mentorship, or in another supportive capacity.  And finally, you will learn the value of developing a relationship with your administrator and ideas for taking on more leadership roles.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply strategies to build positive relationships with parents
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues
  • Build a collegial relationship with administration


Course Modules Include:

  • Module 1: Building Relationships With Parents
  • Module 2: Building Relationships With Colleagues
  • Module 3: Building Relationships With Administration
  • Capstone Project

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